Three quick and easy ways to create floral arrangements in Vintage Vases

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Who doesn’t love flowers? Well, we got together with our friends at Veil Event Design  to have some fun with two of our favorite things, vintage vases and flowers. Over the course of the next two blog posts we’ll be working with a large vase, a uniquely shaped vase and a classic vase shape. : Vintage Vases


Besteryear Vintage: Eucalyptus pods, Cucculus, Seeded eucalyptus, Olive branches, Yarrow, Podocarpus, Orange roses, Parrot tulips, Freesia, Curly willow

Flowers used in the arrangements:

Eucalyptus pods


Seeded eucalyptus

Olive branches



Orange roses

Parrot tulips


Curly willow



One of the first things to note about getting started was that way Casey got organized – with each type of flower in it’s place. My kind of gal, I mean if you can’t get everything in your house in order, you can at least structure your flowers in a way that makes them easy to find.

We got down to business separating and preparing the flowers to be placed in each vase by cleaning off any leaves that sit below the water line. This keeps the water clear and clean for the health of your flowers, and it helps your blooms to last longer.  

Besteryear Vintage: Flowers & Vase

Our first example is a unique Art Deco inspired blue vintage vase from the 1960’s resurgence of Art Deco -- the geometric design on the front and the grand size of it further channel the Art Deco era of glamour and luxury.

Besteryear Vintage: Art deco vase


Use clear floral tape to section off the vase by creating a grid which gives the arrangement more structure. Doing this helps the greens to stay in place as you begin to design and will also support the shape you want for your arrangement. Cassandra started with the olive branches to create an asymmetrical shape within the vase. After you see a general shape of the arrangement, begin to layer in the focal point flowers and fillers to create your masterpiece. 



"Don't be afraid to keep your stems long for a drama, and make sure they have finished tips to maintain a polished and impressive look." - Casey Cassandra, Owner of Veil EventDesign

For larger vases standing more than 12 inches tall, use a variety of greenery, because you want your arrangement to stand tall as well. The rule of thumb is to have it stand at least one to three times larger than the vase itself, so for this arrangement, we doubled the size of the vase. We used three bunches of greenery including olive branches, podocarpus, eucalyptus, and cucculus to build out the volume. Only a few beautiful floral blooms were needed to make this design pop. Vintage - Art deco vase

Imagine a wedding or party with a range of vintage vases across all the tables for an eclectic style – you could simply fill them with greenery and be on trend while still remaining within budget, or add a few roses or hydrangeas for a more romantic feel.


The final tip of this post -- have fun!! his is Casey of Veil Events showing us the shape of the arrangement. We enjoyed learning from her -- so fun!  If you want your own arrangement at home shop our vases and housewares to create one for yourself.

And if you are in the market for a florist, we recommend our floral partner Casey at Veil Event Design.


 Team Besteryear!















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