Are These 1970’s Fashions Here To Stay?

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    We're channeling sex appeal for a night on the town – suitable to wear at your local fern bar for a cocktail just before hitting 1970’s Studio 54! The seventies were a decade of denim, flares, culottes, and glitzy Diana Ross, Elton John, and Cher. We've pulled together vintage looks in partnership with Le Thrift here in Chicago to inspire you to dig out your vintage bell bottoms, bold prints, and glitter to go dancing. But before you head out on the town we’ve also curated a cocktail for you with our friends at The Heavy Feather, to help us sort out this fashion quandary... "What's still hot from the 70's?"Vintage Animal Print Coat

      If you haven't heard the latest of the season, there’s a resurgence of 1970’s flared jeans, animal print coats, metallic and fun all over bold style prints ­– or according to “the seventies have stayed in style over a number of seasons.” So, we must ask the question, "Are the 1970's a trend once again, or are we just shifting to eternal glam?" We hope for the latter. Here are some images that capture the essence of the era.

      Vintage Cocktails The Heavy Feather Besteryear.comGlam 1970's Vintage Clothing

      As promised, here's a retro classic cocktail...

      (paired with a photo of Dianna Ross, of course)

      Diana Ross 1970's Vintage Clothing

      The Heavy Feather House Manhattan recipe:

      2oz. High West Double Rye

      0.75oz Dolin Rouge

      2 dashes of house blend bitters (Angostura Bitters for the home bartender)

      Combine ingredients over ice in a mixing glass and gently stir. Strain mixture into glass and garnish with a cherry. 

      Just so you know, The Heavy Feather has a Manhattan Monday Menu every Monday featuring their House Manhattan, plus others, starting at $6. That’s nearly 1970’s prices and a great place to kick-off a night of dancing!

        Here’s our take on the 1970’s trends that are here to stay: 
        1. Animal print fur coats are always stylish - they seem to reemerge every few years
        2. Bold prints are back en vogue – pair it with a animal print as shown for impact
        3. Metallics go fabulously with everything
        4. Wide leg pants and bell bottoms are currently stealing the scene from skinny jeans
        5. You can't go wrong with a denim blazer or a vest over lace dress. These two classic 70's pieces are great for that always in season boho look

                            Vintage Metallic HandbagYou can shop these looks and more in our 1970's collection of unique, on-trend vintage pieces curated just for you! 

                            And, if you’re a vintage seller with a amazing pieces you’d like to add to the collection at, please email to get featured in upcoming content. Or if you know a vintage reseller we should feature, let us know! We're on the hunt to showcase the best vintage finds.

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