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Last year I had a sudden urge to own a good old fashioned typewriter. I started looking around and found the range to be anywhere from $25 - $600 for the more unique styles. I was torn between a cool color and one that writes in cursive. I settled on a turquoise version of the 1950's Royal typewriter, but I still might go back for that cursive typewriter because they are so uncommon. Anyway, with my husbands help, we found one that needed a little love and cleaning up on eBay, so we negotiated a lower price than the $650 versions you'll find on Etsy. With a little elbow grease, we ... okay, he, cleaned up gunk on the keys and body with contact cleaner, degreaser, and a toothbrush. It now shines brightly in it's cute turquoise color and works like charm.

Okay, great, but what can you do with typewriters?

    1. Write "thank you" notes to your customers. That's what we do at If you buy something, and you'll get a good old fashioned letter with it. That's how vintage we are.

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      2. Display it in your living room for visitors and receive the most beautiful notes from your friends and family that you can cherish for a lifetime.

      vintage royal typewriter

        3. Add a pop of color to your decor - functioning or not - vintage typewriters add character.


        4. Line them up on a table and create a wedding guest book desk. Your guests will have so much fun playing with old technology while writing you messages of love on your big day! They will remember the experience as a fun, and you get to see all the typos in the middle of the notes. Win-Win!

        If you want to rent a typewriter for your wedding, just drop us a note at to discuss what's available.

        5. Create art with typewriters.


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