Vintage Halloween Costumes offer Style and Value with Ease

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Remember the scare that Friday the 13th caused in the 1980’s? Yeah, so apparently clowns are the modern day Jason chasing people around to provide some Halloween terror. Since this is the year you want to avoid going out dressed as a clown on Halloween (see exhibit A and B) we’ve pulled together a few other ideas to help you out in your last minute Halloween costume hunt. Equally frightening is consumer spending on this spooky, yet fun holiday. According to the National Retail Federation,  in 2014 they found more than two-thirds of Americans planned to buy costumes and of the $2.8 billion people were expected to spend on costumes, $1.4 billion was for adult costumes, $1.1 billion was for children’s costumes.

If you're looking to get great value out of your Halloween costume, buying something that can be reworked as part of your everyday style is ideal, and it's sustainable. Here's a handful of ideas to stir your creative costuming efforts that you can shop by clicking the images or in text links:

The Geisha

Kimono Style-vintage-besteryear

    Kimono Wrap Dress

      Pair this piece with an up-do and striking traditional Geisha make-up with your favorite sandals for a sexy halloween look. This 1970's Orange bohemian kimono can be worn as a dress, over a pair of jean shorts or jeans, and it's currently on trend as the perfect vacation attire! 

      Show Stopping Cowgirl

      You can take this look two directions. Glam it up with a rhinestone cowgirl hat like the show cowgirls of the 1940's – just add a pop of color and some sparkle on your hat or outfit with perfectly set hair and make-up to finish the look.

       vintage cowgirl 1940

      ... add a little bling that can be used throughout the upcoming holidays. It's vintage inspired and it's uniquely fabulous!

       bling - rhinestone holiday sparkle

      Statement Necklace

      ...or you can go with the early 1900's Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Cowgirls look of au natural, which is simply a bit more functional over the stage presence of the 1940's cowgirl. Take your pick, both were instrumental in the evolution of women on the range.

      Shop our selection of cowgirl options below:

      Fringe Leather Jacket

      Vintage Turquoise Leather Cowboy Boots

















       Turquoise Leather Boots

      Vintage Dingo Leather

        Controversial Costumes

        If you aren't digging the cowgirl idea, how about the current Presidential race in the U.S.A.? It's a different kind of Wild West. Did you know that one of the top selling costumes this season is Donald Trump and/or Hillary Clinton? Yes, we ARE going there....


        courtesy of

        Image courtesy of

        Well, we can''t help you with "The Donald," but we do have a power suit made for Hillary Clinton. It's the perfect mix of feminine is and a bold, Presidential, color! It's one of a kind vintage from the formidable Bonwit Teller department store off 5th avenue in NYC.  Ironically, the department store building was demolished to make room for the Trump Tower in 1980. (No, you can't make this stuff up.) Go BOLD this Halloween and stand out from all the other Hillary look-a-likes!

          Vintage Bonwit Teller Three Piece Suit

            But hey, if you think Hillary is a "Nasty" witch (We've read the opinions...) we've got the boots for her too. Seriously, if you're going as a witch this All Hallows Eve these boots are made for the city streets or a classic witch costume!

             Vintage Granny Bootss

              Sisley Black Leather Boots Courtesy of Le Thrift

                No Costume

                And lastly, if you don't want to do the whole festive dress up thing -- we do have some dial-it-in options that will help you get into the spirit but not the costume:

                Vintage iron ons are an easy add on to your favorite T-shirt. Iron on and you're ready to go, year-round! Who doesn't love E.T. for Halloween?!

                Buy this E.T. Iron On

                In our hunt for these super cute pieces we found new local vintage inspired designer Anastasia Chatzka, located at 1001 N Damen Ave, Chicago IL 60622. She has a few pieces with skeletons and spider webs in her collection that are perfect for a stylish Halloween!

                However you decide to celebrate, we hope it's a fun, safe, and spooktacular!

                Happy Halloween from the Besteryear team!



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